Pontoon Options

Sylvan Mirage Color Options:

Sylvan L Series Color Options:

Below is a list of Sylvan factory installed options with MSRP pricing for the Mirage series, some of the pontoons listed online might have some of these options already included (vinyl floor, tube packages, etc.) These can change based on time and availability at the factory. When you build out a pontoon with us you will never pay MSRP so let us know what options you want so we can get you the correct pricing on your order out. It's easiest to message us the desired model on the "contact us" page, the options you'd like and the HP desired so we can get you a out the door price. If you're looking for L or S series options please contact us. 

Description MSRP
Main Panel Colors
Onyx Black N/C
White N/C
Burgundy N/C
Champagne N/C
Blue N/C
Silver N/C
Caribou Brown N/C
Wave Blue N/C
Carbon (black canvas recommended) N/C
Emerald Green N/C
Select Your MIRAGE STRIPE color:
Graphic Stripe - None/Delete N/C
Graphic Stripe Black $771.00
Graphic Stripe Electric Blue $771.00
Graphic Stripe Silver $771.00
Graphic Stripe Pewter $771.00
Graphic Stripe White $771.00
PTS Tube (Diameter Matches Outer Tubes) $2,480.00
Performance Strakes (For 25" and 27" Tubes Only) $970.00
Performance Shield $1,201.00
Sila-Shield Protective Coat (N/A with painted tubes) $1,004.00
Muskrat Guard (Not Available with PR25 Center Tube) $60.00
Anode $179.00
Coastal Edition
SD Tubes, Extended Deck
When Not Standard, Extruded Performance Strakes, Anodes, Coastal Water Edition Graphic
Big Water Edition
SD Tubes, Extended Deck
When Not Standard, Extruded Performance Strakes, Big Water Edition Graphic
PTS Performance Package
RD PTS Center Tube, Performance Strakes, Performance Shield
SPX PR25 Performance Package
0.100 PR25 Center Tube w/Fuel Tank
Mirage 8520, Mirage 8522, Mirage X1, Mirage X3, L-1 - 40 gallon; Mirage 8524, Mirage X5, L-3, L-5, S-3, S-5 - 60 gallon, Performance Shield, Deck Mount Ski Tow, Sea Star Hydraulic Steering, Heavy Hat Understructure - Big Water or Coastal Edition Required
Sea Star Hydraulic Steering $1,975.00
Vinyl (Full) Included
Sea Weave (Full) $990.00
Teak Weave (Full) $1,000.00
Docking Lights Standard besides 818 Sylvan and Sunchaser Vista
Concealed Mood Lights $357.00
Lighted Cup Holders $265.00
Babbito Underdeck Blue LED Lights $1,131.00
Underwater Lighting $823.00
Trim Gauge $200.00
Depth Finder $350.00
Hour Meter/Tachometer $302.00
Gauge Package (Speed, Tach, Fuel, Volt) Standard on Mirage, Not Vista
Humminbird Helix 5 (In-dash Graph/GPS) $600.00
Simrad GO7 (For Simrad Integration- requires digital controls) $1,430.00
Lake Water Washdown $823.00
Trolling Motor Plug (requires half gate) $350.00
Minnkota Talon Shallow Water Anchor $4,323.00
Jensen Stereo w/Bluetooth S
JL MM50 Stereo w/Bluetooth and Speakers $697.00
4 Speakers S
Rear Facing Speakers w/Remote Touch Pad (Requires JL MM50 Stereo) $1,200.00
Engine-House Dual Battery System $529.00
Playpen Cover (Black only for MX, S, M and SX series) $1,350.00
Double Top (Not Available with Wake Tower or Sport Arch-Double Top Does Not Use Power Canopy) $1,759.00
Full Camper (Not Available with Wake Tower or Sport Arch-Camper Does Not Use Power Canopy) $5,689.00
Half Camper w/Bow Cover (Not Available with Wake Tower or Sport Arch-Camper Does Not Use Power Canopy) $3,777.00
Comfort Package
Hi-Back Helm, Mood Lighting, Cell Phone Holder
Optional Table Kit (Shipped Loose) $372.00
Optional Table Base (Shipped Loose) $46.00
Lounge Arm Table (Replaces Lounge Arm Change Room) $872.00
Ski Tow Bar $1050.00
Underdeck Mount Ski Tow (Not available with Extended Deck) $1200.00
Porta Potti $295.00
Cooler Table $760.00
High Back Helm Seat $620.00
Gate Seat $856.00
Stainless Steel Grill (shipped loose) $485.00
Trolling Motor Half Gate $350.00
Bow Gate Stainless/See Thru $845.00
Raised Helm Platform $895.00
Stainless Steel Rub Rail $595.00
Cell Phone Holder $80.00
Black Anodized Rails, Deck Trim and Top Frame $1,552.00
Black Painted Tubes (2 Tubes) $1,579.00
Black Painted Tubes (3 Tubes) $2,410.00
Lounge Arm Galley $1,891.00